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pradeep chavan

excellent, great, fantastic, wonderful all are small word. let me how is there any other word to express my feeling. pc

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This one actually is more obviously computer generated than the others. It's like one of the others was a hit and so now they have to keep forcing more of the same out. I love the ice one, but I can completely see the computer work on this one.

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hmm... sry, i cant agree...
What should it say? The car is stronger than a hill? You can take unnecessary shortcuts?

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its strange...

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boring and bad

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the new annonymous coments suck!
bring back the old forum!

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You have to login and it's the same as before for registered users. Why do they suck, is there a misuse of anonymous comments anywhere?

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strange question just for my information if anyone can answer it to me plz: how they did this execution ?? i mean what is the software they used for this image???

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Hmmm, looks like a 3d model with photoshop over it. Very common for matte paintings. The snow one is masterly done and harder to achieve, due to the light absortion and softness of the material.

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i appreciate your answer -thank you very much. But i have
a reason for my question wish is i work in the middle east as an Associate Creative Director so always we create great concepts, but we have a big problems with the execution because just we use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrater ,even that we have a bad photographers here. So always i try to make my concept looks same style of this execution (ads of the world style) but always i can't reach to this level because i use only Adobe photoshop and all of images are from istock photo or gettyimages something like that (from internet).

So if you can advise me what can i do to get this style and make the execution looks great?

thank you very very much about that


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maya. it's a 3d software. what they use for cgi in movies.

hire 3d artists from other countries. the philippines has a lot. many are working in hollywood.

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okay i see now how they do all the great . i know this software it's amazing, but i didn't know that all use it in advertising . thanks a lot

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driving the wrong way! this photo says that your ford will modify the landscape. too agressive. too unpolite.

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´C´mon! You really think that the ad is saying "this car will modify the landscape!"?????

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i know they're not "trying" to say it, but look at it!

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I don't get it: 4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4???
What's the deal?


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it's 2007...there are like a zillion 4x4 cars around. why is this special?

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jhonny thunder

una cagada hecha ruedas

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jhonny thunder

una cagada hecha ruedas

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I think they want to say - this ford brand is a 4x4. There are no zillion 4x4s in India. It's like a category that's just developing.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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SUXS! The execution is also very student work, it seems.

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very good

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