3M Show Car Paste Wax: Makeup

Advertising Agency: FZT(FengZeTang), China
Creative Director: Zhang Li
Art Directors: Qiu Yuan, Ron Cheong
Copywriter: Dont Wang
Photographers: Zhang Yu Guang, Orange Xu
Published: December 2008


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Its not bad but i think its a bit too over...y would i do that since theres a mirror for me and im not using it?! im just acting nerd to do so if i were the gal

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humour and rationalising, it never works!
enjoy the idea

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Good marketing idea

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eh. it looks like she's in the bathroom too. confusing

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i think its the same idea used for Mr. clean.
it works, but where's the creativity if it was done?


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hehe car polish

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I like this! Great idea, very clear, and uniquely executed. The girl is also really cute, which helps. My only complaint, like some others have mentioned, is that the background is distracting. It does look kind of "bathroomish" which detracts from the overall imagery. Honestly, I wish they could just revisit this and swap out the background... that'd earn 10 stars!

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That girl has a parking meter in her bathroom :-)

Like the idea! Background in combination with the blue-sky reflextion in the mirror... weird!

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Good the idea: only.

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Emran Hayat
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is the car parked in open air bathroom? bad execution

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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wat is idea. too bad work man

Live with Passion

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girl is nice but not a good idea

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