3M Post-it: Date

Nothing escapes your mind.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Brazil
Creative Directors: Guy Costa, Alexandre Scaff
Art Directors: Lucas Heck, Ricardo Sarno
Copywriter: Filipe Medici
Photographer: Marlos Bakker


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Ron Burgundy
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i really like these, great job guys!

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Yea not bad, kind of a cool retro vibe to the art direction too.

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I can't understand it please

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Ron Burgundy
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the square is 3M Post It note, and the person represents a hot date he doesn't want to forget.

lovin the art direction, super cool

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You knew it was a hot date, because you read date in the title. Also, the art direction, though cool indeed, is confusing. Is that rope inside someone's head.. Outside? It must be outside, I guess, since everyone is walking away from it. The usual from Brazil - fantastic art, muddled message.

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Ron Burgundy
1636 pencils

perhaps "date" was scooped up by brain un -conscience-ly when skimming the page, but what solidified the idea was the series, but agree with you on the art.

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i'm loving it. amzing

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I get the hot date reference, but I wonder why all the models look scared. Do they look scared? Does that say something else about post its?

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Jaap Grolleman
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They're trying to escape, but obviously, there's no escaping from Post-It's. Never seen a movie where prisoners tried to escape? :) they don't walk out all too comfortable ;p

Rotzgoht's picture
186 pencils

I appreciate that answer. That's a good interpretation, and probably correct from the PoV of the creative. I can see that now.

But then it just seems less that the idea is trying to escape, like the girl is sneaking out or slipping away, and more that the girl (or whichever) is just scared. Maybe the element of fear here, if it was intentional, could've been resolved/addressed in the copy.

Anywhoo, fun Ads for post-its.

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no no.... forced... and too much circles...

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When you have to explain your idea... it doesn't work... nuff said

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not that great.

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Smart....too smart. Nobody in the real world looks at print pieces long enough to understand this. Victim of its own intricacy.

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115 pencils

Very simple great idea

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Church Money
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Whoa, whoa guys. This isn't THAT complicated. Post it note keeps you from forgetting things. I think it's a really cool direction for post it notes, and the art is killer.

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Great idea...but the visual dosen't communicate well. the birthday one was better

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Mr. Phill
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nice idea, but why the dark executions?

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Brilliant idea & execution....

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Neat and brilliant. Very solid campaign. Well done guys!



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raw tuna
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Totally awesome. :D

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