March 2014

Print advertisment created by King Harvests, China for 3M, within the category: House, Garden.

Inextricably bound like Napoleon and the chapters of history.

Advertising Agency: King Harvests, Shanghai, China
Executive Creative Directors: Larry Ong, Laura Lee
Creative Director: Marx Zhu
Art Directors: Marx Zhu, Arvin Choi, Tian Zi, Larry Ong
Copywriters: Larry Ong, August Cao, James Lim
Illustrator: A Ben Dong
Photographers: Hei Zi, Feng Wang, Zongguo Zhou
Production company: Hei Zi

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Highest Rated

ThatChick's picture

Love love the visuals but errm not for this product

goldi's picture
Activity Score 343

Nice art!

侠猪's picture
Activity Score 4

wow,good job

talkingisfree's picture
Activity Score 2712

The art is good but the idea is too forced and twisted. Just works with that line and I'm not even sure. Congrats for the execution though

GrumpyArtDirector's picture
Activity Score 858

Execution is amazing, but the idea is terrible. It's complicated, far-fetched and doesn't have much to do with the product. Next time, spend a little longer coming up with a decent concept and maybe not that much money or effort into stunning visuals.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 45986

I agree.

Weeds's picture
Activity Score 13

Product Sales Point: Stick Forever.
Idea: The people in history are always sticked with the historical stories.
Execution: all historical people are sticked on the historical book.

sold's picture
Activity Score 3305

the only thing that is telling me anything about glue/stick-for-ever is the text.

SusanLEE's picture
Activity Score 3

a very simple but convincing truth, one can never seperate historical figures from history. Just like the eternal stickness of the glue, Napoleon sticks with his histroy forever. Quite a fresh point of view , a strong and deep Interpretation,a wonderful art execution.. i like it very much

underscores's picture
Activity Score 335

craft is simply amazing but the idea...

ThatChick's picture

Love love the visuals but errm not for this product