3M Multi-Purpose Super Glue: Car

Fight another day!

The sole purpose of the product is able to glue things back together. In the world of child's play, the game stops when the toy is broken. With 3M Multi-Purpose Super Glue, the game doesn’t have to end, it can be continued another day!

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Taipei, Taiwan
Creative Directors: George Liou, Coco Chen
Art Directors: Una Chou, Alan Chung
Copywriter: Frank Ho
Published: June 2013


eins-eins-null's picture
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sorry, but accidents are one of the worst ways to promote child-products. if, they should look MUCH more childish.

ryjrmcreat's picture
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Look again, it's not even a child-product.

nicolasrcd's picture
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"In the world of child's play"

kleenex's picture
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Two good looking ads, but not for the product being sold.

Ayeyahyah's picture
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good looking ads

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