3M foam ear plugs: Swallow, 1

Foam ear plugs swallow every kind of noise.

Advertising Agency: BUTTER.Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Timm Holm, Michael Preuss
Art Director: Björn von Buchholtz
Copywriter: Till Grabsch
Photographer: Christoph Riccius
Post Production: Else Dittel
Graphics: Andrea Heinrich, Zuzana Havelcova
Account Supervisor: Rolf Schrickel
Account Management: Orlina Miller
Published: January 2009


midas's picture
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Here is used all causes of noise,but unclearly...

darth_darkcape's picture
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problem is it looks like the earplugs is THROWING IT UP not swallowing it...

other than that, I kinda like it... background of shot is a bit more complicated than it needs to be.

oopsie_dum_didly's picture
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See say?

kgeiger's picture
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Look, an earplug that vomits!

midas's picture
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"Foam ear plugs swallow every kind of noise"-is posted in unimportant place/there is large background to post in.

Guest's picture

technical pornography !!!!

psalyms's picture
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the visula should depict swallow,but it rather reflects puking - pretty ironical, however good advertising.

curiosity is also the mother of invention. the Buk-of-Psalms.

Wordnerd's picture
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i like! fun campaign

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I was just thinking the swallow/gip arguement might be made clearer if the plug was more obviously finished with, for instance if it was more blatent that the work day had finished and workers were walking out of the building site or something. Just a thought.

No-one's commented on the tag line art. Think it's pretty nicely dealt with.

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looks like a thumb with the nail removes , yaaarkk
it'ts hurting me
- Lox. -

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