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cool.some metal coming this way.

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maybe done, but done better.
Even Cannes credits works done, but in better way.
This peculiar is crafted 10 times better than works you've linked.

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maybe it is true, but personally I prefer the big ideas rather than good art.

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and here…

Woooooo Ha! Yes this concept has been done before but it's the same brand. It's their award winning, brilliant concept that has spanned decades taking their little product and turning it into… Aaaaaa something or other.

I love briefs like this! Client coming in and saying we want to keep the idea but want to update the visual. "WHAT! Does that even make sense! What the crap do you mean. Am I still on drugs? You want to change it, but keep it the same…" Boooooooooom! Then it hits you. This is a Art Directors wet dream. It's picture making time.

Specially when you go up against utter non-visual candy poopoo such as this…

Yes poopoo is a word and actually has a logo..

SIDE NOTE! "Johnny Obvious" You are a legend and your comment makes me happy. I'm glad you concentrate on the good things in life. Positive thinking at it's best!

So the question is…does this new improved Art Directors wet dream actually improve on...

"WOW! Is this dog porn? What am I looking at? Should this be allowed on the internet? Young children may see this and get ideas.
This dog should be locked up…. Out of control! Hmmmmm, Although it is a good party trick. NO.NO..very wrong! Very wrong but VERY FUNNY!"

So yes, I like this current version best. I LIKE IT ALLOT. Although if you had to ask me which one I would put up on my wall…

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oh no..

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Bonito arte, pero ya está hecho.

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Fernando Fernandes
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kkkk nais ou menos assim que deveria ser! Por isso ñ tenho animais de estimaçao! Mas agora... vou pensar! rs Grande montagem!

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cool.some metal coming this way.