3M Bandage: Waterproof

Advertising Agency: David Advertising, Taipei, Taiwan
Creative Director: Akae Wang
Art Directors: PoPC Chen, Serina Wang
Copywriter: Regent Chien
Illustrator: October
Published: July 2008

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What in the world does band-aid has anything to do with "Water Cube"?? the architecture philosophy of the Water Cube has nothing to do with water proof. Weird idea, don't like it.....

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Guest commenter

The product is water-proof. It's a swimming pool. Where people swim. Why would there be a connection with the architecture philosophy?

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Because the Water Cube isnt just "a swimming pool where people swim". It was part of a much larger event and carries far more cultural referents than just some swimming pool, referents that dont have a whole lot to do with band-aids.

I agree with the OP: this is tenuous at best.

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Guest commenter

correct me if im wrong.. not trying to take sides. 2 months back, saw a documentary on National Geography channel on Beijing olympic games.
It seems that the material used were supplied by 3M. and tat the material used is flammable too... but... it dissolves and drops off before engulfing
other parts of the cube. Hence the story here.. but i do admit.. not everyone understands it tho.

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That's possible, and that's one of my (very few, Ivan) gripes about this place: we never know what media an ad is intended for and how specialized the audience might be. An architect would find more in this than your average reader, so that makes knowing the placement a bit more important. As an ad, it's just... there.

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Sometimes we don't understand what the product is, sometimes we don't know what product is represented by the brand advertised. . :-)

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Does no one notice that the paneld on the Water Cubes are the bandaid?

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warhammer onlin...

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Guest commenter

I like it, it's simple and easy to understand. if you people didn't get it or if you start talking about the architecture, then you are closed to accept the message.

Creative direction: excellent
Art direction: just ok

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means it's strong enough to stop the leaking, just like the material made for the stadium.

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