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December 2009

Print advertisment created by Gleijm & van der Waart, Netherlands for 3Dimerce, within the category: Professional Services.

Kill your useless brand center with one shoot.
Your product imaging with one shot

Advertising Agency: Gleijm & van der Waart, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Maarten Boog
Art Director: Ralph Smits
Copywriter: Maarten Boog
Illustrator: 3Dimerce

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deep_tracy's picture
Activity Score 588

Lazy execution of a no-brainer pun. Shoot? I wouldn't even have gone there--it's too easy. They could have at least pushed it further with more fun executions (i.e., a murdered personification of brand center) instead of those trying-to-be-witty headlines and uninteresting-but-rendered-in-3D visuals.

Adaddicted's picture
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Check up their site


bobby666's picture
Activity Score 1460

if you check their site, the idea will be clear. but still believe the print should have been different (a bit) in terms of layouting. but if you see the entire campaign together, things fall in place. In isolation it stands alone and defeated.

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good one!

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Activity Score 27

kind of makes sense i would say and the sites not too bad either

pepsi for the 60s generation and still going strong

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Roshan Quintus
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cool and smart

bite me