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what am i missing ?

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Any advances on what going on?

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This ad demonstrates what photo retouchers do. They take the work of a star photographer and modify it further. At least this is my interpretation.

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Dalbir Singh
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The photographer's name (Ervin Ollaf) has been spelt wrong with 3 Ls....LLL, and this is an ad for photo retouching, not bad.

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his name is erwin olaf famous photographer from the netherlands

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How is anyone supposed to know what the correct spelling of someone's name is unless the person is a well known figure? Everyone has unique names.

These ads are absolutely horrible. Probably some of the worst ads I've seen on this site. And that's saying a lot.

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Dalbir Singh
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You are not supposed to know the name, but I don't think anyone spells with 3 Ls.

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Actually, this is great... is for an specific audience so it doesnt need to make sence to anyone...
the pothographer is Erwin Olaf, he is a great artist and has wonderfull jobs done... you can see his website

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if the target audience knows the names its clever. however i've had chosen more popular names. maybe models? would make sense as well.
good insight anyway...

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WHY 3 LLL? WHY???????

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Works perfectly fine for the target. Don't get all in a fit because you, an ad guy, doesn't get it. Choosing more "generic" names would only benefit those outside the market and/or ad folk. Masturbatory ads for the sake of our own criticism needs to stop.

If this were an ad for creatives it would've read something like: Bill Bernbaaach


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