30 Seconds: Women

Advertising Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys, Sydney, Australia
Creative Directors: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell
Photographer: Mark Rogers
Agency Production: Theirry Bled, Graeme Robertson, Thea Carone, Ben Gregg,Trent Beattie

August 2009


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ha ha ha great copy!!!!!!!!!

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Dev Kumar
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Phew...wow! Good luck mate. ;-)

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isnt this some ad!!!! excellent. like it. well done. the best of the lot.


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Is that Joel Tobeck in the shot?

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Terrible. But true.
Thanks for making the world hate us even more.

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Nothing like making ad guys bigger dicks than they already are. Hate the feel of this work.

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Personally I think we're fair game to be laughed at. I will watch the show when I can and see if it is any good. I have my doubts whether a show about an ad agency will have mass appeal, but you never know. It 'seems' from the ads to have a similar feel to 'Frontline', an Aussie satire about the news business - and that was funny.

If it is as funny as 'The Truth', then it will be worth watching.

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the best thing apart from the copy is the name of the agency...!!! LOL

| Everartz |

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