30 Seconds: Brooker

Advertising Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys, Sydney, Australia
Creative Directors: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell
Photographer: Mark Rogers
Agency Production: Theirry Bled, Graeme Robertson, Thea Carone, Ben Gregg,Trent Beattie

August 2009


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Just saw the lot... and feel like I've seen the best gags in the series. Not sold.

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A stranger abroad
427 pencils

If these really are the bet gags of the series, I expect a short season and a swift cancellation. Very not sold.

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Looks horrible. This guy has no resemblance to a real advertiser (seems nowadays TV just looks for an above-average looking 50 year old to play any kind of character who is supposed to be someone successful at his job). He is supposed to be successul, and the 1st glance at him shows him in some crammy windowless bureau, NOBODY in the adv.business would ever let such a shot happen...Not funny at all, sorry.

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It is a shame because I think the ads are funny, and I really enjoyed the show too, it just didn't get the promotion that it deserves.

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