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just "ok" ad..

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pooja gadodia
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i think it could be better.. its the the eyes of the women that speaks out the pain n not face...

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Well done.

....Art is real freedom

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there's no idea, and the typo isn't clear enough.
hmm... reminds me of a film poster.

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looks like a man..

john terry


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"if you know a family member who has being subjected to domestic violence, speak up, we can show you HOW TO DO IT and WHEN"

I think it meant, how to STOP it and when.

Nitpicking? I don't think so, all my friends read it and think the same thing.

And aside from that, the art doesn't work. The number 30 is so important in the ad. WHY?? It's just part of the gimmick, but it's soooo huge. When people see number 30 do they immediately think of domestic violence? I don't even see the face that supposed to make us care and hate the beaters... the number very important number 30 blurred on top of it.

When it was a thumbnail, I thought it's an ad for 30 days later. And of course, part of the copy is unreadable, but then nobody care about that, it's just the FREAKING MESSAGE THAT THE ENTIRE IDEA IS BASED ON. *sigh

Good intentions. Bad ad.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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no, not how to stop it, how to "speak up". nobody should ever just make a foolish attempt to stop without know how or what to do. Other than that, I have no idea how to address your other points. Read it again. Seem Ridiculous is the point. Not to hate the beater. Copy is readable when expanded.

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Not sure what the idea is. what signifigance does the 30 hold? If it were top then reasons to beat your wife -- at least thats a recognizable “format”.

looks cool though

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