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simple and clear product demonstration.

looks like a quality seal, at first i was wondering why there was a 2 on it.
actually i'm not really sure about the price tag idea...

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yes, the price tag ... hm maybe it´s on a fleamarket :)

but nice without a logo!

See you guys in April! :D

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Ney Frances
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avant garde! 7/10 for the non logo, but there´s nothing else at the picture!

is there life before death?

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its scam.
they dont have to put logos.

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seen that idea executed the same way: the product was twisted with pen licking in shirt-pocket, but the 'ink' spot was too much clean that cloth around.

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its not the same idea, and it was done by the same people, for the same client, in the same agency (in case don't know that)

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"it was done by the same people, for the same client, in the same agency (in case don't know that)"

Ok, I didn`t really. The concept is absolutely cool I guess, though the idea is same - both times inversion is used, the situation differs but not to be named onother execution.

Why do you consider this not to be "the same idea"?

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it's just the next ad in the series.

man, menno kluin is all over the place. i guess winning archive student of the year can do stuff for your career.

big props


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no problem dude : ) you`re absolutely right about the guy who made first stuff. Open your yes, browse links one after onother that is not series : )) two same images : )) i`m not trying to discuss bad it or not. it`s all about copy : )) it`s strange when you copy your own contsept. sometimes everybody forced to but it`s not the point proud I belive : )

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the guy behind this idea was last year's Luerzer's Archive Student of the Year.

Goes to show....something.

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Not nearly as nice as the first.

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Great stuff come from S&S NY. This piece is also nice. But I think that's not as good as Archive's and the dental floss's campaigns.

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Damn Neat!

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