20th Century Fox: Room

Tidying up using the celebrated Skywalker family mind-wave system.
For two hours. Everything seems so easy.

Advertising Agency: Tiempo BBDO Madrid, Spain
Creative Director / Copywriter: Pedro Rego
Art Director: Aurora Hidalgo
Executive Creative Director: Andrés Martínez

August 2008


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Like 'em. Neat work.

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I´m not sure of understand it at all, but anyways they look very pretty and
the art is sooooo cool

and I like the following name: "aurora hidalgo", she seems sexy

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just write
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it's very confusing. pls explain.

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If nobody explains it means there's no meaning. One point, no more.

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Here's my interpretation ... The headlines describe things they do in the movies, but you can't do in real life. So, reason would have it, you should just enjoy a movie on Fox. In other words, in movies, things are a lot easier than they would be in real life, so watch a movie. ... I think the headlines are art directed tastefully - to look like movie poster credits. Kinda cool, I think. But yeah, seems like a lot of people are having trouble understanding it, so that's a problem.

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