1stBank: Dominoes

This is a mortgage ad.
How to Make Banana Bread
Worry less about your mortgages and more about your free time.

Advertising Agency: TDA_Boulder, Boulder, USA
Creative Director: Jeremy Seibold
Art Director: Haley Garyet
Copywriter: Daniel Colburn
Photography: Stock
Published: April 2013


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Andrej Troha
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This is serious ed-wood-esque brilliance!

certaintly's picture
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i like the idea of explaining how to spend a pastime cus you dont have to worry about your mortage, but not the execution. copy was way boring.

kcd0226's picture
90 pencils

I agree, the idea is good. Especially because it kind of makes you go "what?" and peaks your interest. But the execution is not good and yeah...the copy makes me want to fall asleep.

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kleenex's picture
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copy may not be perfect, idea is nice though.

pamplona's picture
16 pencils

good thinking

disassemble to build

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Richa Agrawal
324 pencils

sounds done yet a bold thought... though the copy isn't that good

glargmonster's picture
178 pencils

Too long

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