13th Street: Toaster

Advertising Agency: Shackleton, Madrid, Spain


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Love the art direction. Love Ikea.

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

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the knives layout is better coz we can see products instantly. maybe the toaster has to float in the bathtub to get the same impact.

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Uhm. Look at the logo at the bottom right of the ad. I don't think this is an electronics ad...

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you are right. it was buried. the title of the ad made me think it was a campaign for house deco store. they even used the same font as ikea's (which is the idea).

anyway, i personally think showing a hint of toaster will help the idea to come across stronger.

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Maybe, but it does say the word toaster in the ad. That's enough for me. It's not actually selling toasters so why is it so necessary to show one?

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gr8 idea & gr8 art direction

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well done!

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