123fleurs: Planes

Flowers would have been a better idea.

Advertising Agency: Callegari Berville Grey, Paris, France
Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci
Art Director: Cédric Auzannet
Copywriters: Mathieu Grichois, Lessly Chmil
Photographer: Corbis credits
Retouchers: Davis Martin, Benoit Monceau

April 2008


toomuchflystyles's picture
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Funny in a sick way. But a bit forced: what skywriting company can afford two planes?

EGGO's picture
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Still learning here, so I'd like to know what makes this "too forced?"

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

shades's picture
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..it's advertising, it's called creative license.

BAdman's picture
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There is nothing wrong with exaggeration. Its funny how much you knew about skywriting company fleets.

vanguard's picture
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I dunno, I like the humor, but like toomuchflystyles said...forced.

ivan's picture

It doesn't work. My girlfriend would love fireworks. ;)

Seriously, I think it's great.

robottttrockkkk's picture
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jajajjaja, esta chevre, aunque el otro me parece mas divertido.

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Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
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But knowing that a couple of men actually gave their lives to please you should mean something. It definitely beats the ususal "all I got for Valentine's Day was another stupid rose bouquet!!" ; )

dcgroppo's picture
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I think it sells the product. Maybe those big creative ways can go wrong, nothing compares to flowers, chicks dig flowers. Ok be a little more creative in valentine's day but give her flowers to.

Nice ads. I prefer the heart attack one.

consolidated.db's picture
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i agree, it's a little forced.

the message i get is 'buy flowers to show your love because alternatives will lead to death.'

maybe if the alternatives backfired and resulted in a conflicting message, rather than death?

this whole 'alternatives lead to death' is a forced insight imho, and isn't unique to flowers. you could attach this idea to tonnes of stuff.

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Saatchi Makak
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smilepig's picture
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quite fun I think they just show the easier way.That's it.

reject_subject's picture
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Guys, guys, please! let's not be too literal! These ads are meant be funny, and that's exectly what they're doing. I think they are great! Why do you read it as "alternatives lead to death"? They just used a funny way to show that flowers are always a good solution. Do you remember the print ad saying "Buy her flowers before she buys you one", with the women on her husband's funeral? No one got offended by it! Advertising reflects life, but also re-creates it :)

funky_frogii's picture
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ha ha ah ah ah aha ha love it.

love anything creative.

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Have Heart's picture
Have Heart
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Haha, this is great!

daniel ieraci's picture
daniel ieraci
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I think it's nice. Very funny idea and it made me smile (which can only be a good thing).

DGCS's picture
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Great ad. Very funny and diferent.

andreis's picture
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like it


A to the G's picture
A to the G
61 pencils

great stuff

in the name of ad's picture
in the name of ad
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great concept! I love it.
this is far much better than the heart attack one!
well found.

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