10 Cane Rum: Ministry of relaxation, 1

Advertising Agency: Mother, New York, USA
Creative Directors: Linus Karlsson, Paul Malmstrom
Art Director: Piers North
Copywriter: Brandon Davis
Art Producer: Helen O'Neill
Photographer: Anders Overgaard
Retoucher: TAG


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"Emma loves to lie in the sand wearing her white dress and band hat while squinting off into the distance as a cute little wave spalshes her lower leg."

excuse me...waht?!

if this is the result of the copywriter consuming the mentioned rum than i may understand...

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Reality Check
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And the winner for world's smallest headlines goes to... (drumroll, please) Mother, New York!

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If I could give this one less stars I would - absolutely no point to this ad except convincing the client a photo shoot on the beach was a good idea. And I think the copywriter was just pissed that he couldn't be there.

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I dont care how hot she is, if i find a girl on the beach sand, soaking wet, drinking rum out of the bottle and with that hat..... I'd just feel petty.

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where is the idea?

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