100W: Hairdryer

100W. Awarding effective advertising.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Håkan Engler
Art Director: Petter Lublin
Copywriter: Olle Langseth
Photographer: Bisse Bengtsson
Production: Adamsky
Retouching: Rickard Dymling

October 2008


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Except for the logo i like these ads. Especially coz they are awarding those exceptional ads that make EVERYONE to feel good with those brands. Not like some may think.

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hahahaha funny.


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well, this BDDP stuff is stolen as well.

I remember an ad from almost 15 years ago with eskimo's igloo having an air-condition. guess what was the claim? yes, 'very effective advertising'.

still think these kind of BS claims are doing only bad for advertising. potentially funny for creatives, but seriously idiotic and arrogant for everybody else.

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Haha, the concept is great. These are funny. Keep working on the production.

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BBDO-Guerrero came up with the same concept for their house ads back in 1998.

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Guest commenter

Hajjar Phucked Idea

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Dusan Zica
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nice idea, but very bad execution. as a copy I would suggest that the boldie should dry his bold head, instead of showing the product to public so obvious like here.

that's (unfortunately) the power of advertising - to make someone feel the need for totally unnecessary item.

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Been done, and done, and done. Just have a look at old One Show annuals (around 1998-99), and you'll see several campaigns like that.

Each time, they use the same kind of visuals : the Amish family who has bought a car (or anything modern), the bald man who has bought an hair dryer, the priest who has bought condoms, and so on.

Such an old trick ! But the guys who have done that are maybe too young to know that it is an old trick, lol.

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great concept and very funny ads

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