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Jest OK.

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w warszawie możesz znaleźć takie ogłoszenia po angielsku ale w innych miastach nie jest to możliwe

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Good idea, but feels a little small scale...

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I love this idea, great work!

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Does this count as 'copied'? or is it 'inspired'?
i recollect that a similar campaign was done for Vampireblood, the TV series, where the audience had to break off wooden stakes from a similarly erected structure. As also, a hair salon ambient, where the part to be torn away looked like strands of hair with detailed information of the salon attached.
(could not find the links, apologies)

my question is, advertising ethics notwithstanding, does such an 'inspired' stunt count as copied in the eyes of the advertising fraternity?

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okay , new approach to old problem

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Does this count as 'copied'? or is it 'inspired'? go to:
and find your anwsers Adwait.

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