Zaps Cockroach Repellant: Only Invisible In Your Eyes

Brief: People think they’re free from vermin simply because the harmful insects are not easily visible. BUT that is not the truth; the truth about vermin in house lies deep in the dark. To alert the deceived customers who think they’re cockroach-tree, our goal is to effectively pre sent to the people the Home care science ZAPS.

Solution: We installed a screen and an eye-tracking camera to let the customers experience the reality. When there are no eyes gazing the screen the cockroaches start striding their sphere oi activity. the screen. But once the camera is signaled by a gaze. the screen tums blank with cockroaches gone in an instant. Likewise, we aim to alert the customers who experience the same situation at homes in order to immediately feel the need oi the brand, ZAPS. This Billboard was shown ‘n 10 bus stations around residential districts and has attracted great attention, even handled as a campaign in newspapers and blogs.

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea
Chief Creative Officer / Creative Director: Joungrack Lee
Copywriter: Sanghoon You
Art Director: Seongwook Han
Photographer: Kihong Kim
Art Buyer: Ansub Park
Producer: Open Eye


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Great idea. I just wish that they could of camouflaged the camera lens somehow.

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The eye tracking, is not the advertising idea. Is a technology development. Stupid

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Okay. So the only people who get this ad are the people NOT looking at it.

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Peripheral vision: a part of vision that occurs outside the very centre of gaze. There is a broad set of non-central points in the field of view that is included in the notion of peripheral vision. "Far peripheral" vision exists at the edges of the field of view, "mid-peripheral" vision exists in the middle of the field of view, and "near-peripheral", sometimes referred to as "para-central" vision, exists adjacent to the center of gaze

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Chate Su
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a bit disgusting but witty.

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i don't like ads where you can't see a thing when looking at it.. wake up, it's useless.'s picture
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1-Who'll tell the person what she's not seeing?
2-What if I'm not gazing directly at the camera? Would it track my eye?

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wow! now this is technology working for advertising!

groovy baby!

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Sorry, but is this legal in Korea? A camera eye tracking a passenger's face without their consent for advertising reasons?

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not a fan of this type of ad.

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