Worldwide Short Film Festival: World's shortest Billboard

Advertising Agency: doug & serge, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Doug Robinson
Creative Director: Ian Schwey
Art Director: Mike Jones
Copywriter: Cam Hudson
Music composition: Erik Solarski

May 2011


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Jaap Grolleman
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Very funny and it works perfectly for these websites like AotW but I don't see this go viral - so unless they make some TVC out of this or something else, I don't think it'll fully work as an ad. But nice idea :)

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How is this an outdoor campaign? This looks more like a viral spot (which would never really go viral) or a TVC.

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Great for the internet, but not great for the real world.

HOW much real world time was the first ad up before the second one got put up???'s picture
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the video is not explain the idea

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maybe as a viral. but outdoor? this sure doesn't get any attention.

jackblack's picture
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Like the idea behind it, but it probably didn't work.

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It's good, but everyone else said who is going to see this?

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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You guys are all confusing the general population with the calibre of people who will attend this kind of event; these are quality short films for the discerning viewer. This campaign is not meant to impress ad critics the world over. It is meant to garner attention and talk by its target audience - and it will. And if you can capture the attention of your target audience? Well then - voila! You've succeeded.

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Cute, I Like It

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It's a good idea that lives only within the internet.

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Good idea..

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Nike Diesel
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If this is an outdoor, it's terrible. Barely no one saw/or would see this, if any. Unless you would repeat this 100 times a day.
Kinda boring strategy and concept, as well. "Make something shorter", because it's a short film festival!? Meh...

Why did the word viral come up on this thread?
Your grandma makes it viral when she will send this to you,
to her coffee-sippin' friends and to her secret lover.
And also to the cable guy she likes so much.

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