Water is Life: Take a sip

Water in this urinal is cleaner than the drinking water in Haiti.
Unsafe water kills. Donate to stop the violence.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, San Francisco, USA
Art Director / Copywriter: Hazar Aki
Photographer: Clint Blowers


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Now this is what you call a really persuasive ad. It really went through my mind the moment I saw it. Good job for the owner. - Rabbi Binyomin Lisbon

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very good. but again it could have gone deeper than just showing a urinal with a plate that reads take a sip. which water are we talking about? the water that is in the pipes or the water in the basin. that is not clear. the pipe could have been burst for example, and then it would make more sense.

Hand on my heart

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I think the toilet is just there to show placement in a mock-up. To me, it looks like he intended for a poster to be placed over urinals.

Wish he had a piece that was in a stall though, way it wasn't gender exclusive. "Grossed by what your sitting on? It's cleaner than the water in haiti."

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