Volvo: XC90

Volvo supports the European Car Free Day.

Advertising Agency: Fuel Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Directors: Marcelo Lourenço, Pedro Bexiga
Art Director: António Silva
Copywriter: Richard Warrell
Photographer: Volvo Archive/ Snipershot
Other additional credits: Producer: Luis Silva


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Oh my god, it's a die-cut ad! How original!
Come on now! People who post on this site should
always remember that you can embarrass yourself
just as much as you can promote yourself.
Especially when it's work as UNoriginal as this.
Sorry. I just happen to be a hater of seeing
the same idea over and over.

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hmmm simple n gud

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I like it.

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I like client´s with balls, they cut the product i think it feels sincere. good job i like the idea


El que sabe, sabe arte. El que no, es redactor.

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What a dumb ass copywriter's hater

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I agree with Ivancette, we obviously both love balls.
It's not super-dooper but I'm going to give it a 10 so mr.guests 1/10 doesn't count for as much.

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Yeah I hate haters too.
But unoriginal work should really not be posted.
Anyone who likes these ads obviously don't know
the recent history of award winning advertising.
Ever hear of Communication Arts or The One Show?
Been done. Do your research. And this idea
has been done much better too. So go ahead and
applaud mediocre work. Thumbs way down. Uninspired.

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I like it!

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London Dog
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done before, works much better if placed in magazines. Either a good client or a ghost ad.

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