Urban Bikes: Life Cycle, Terrain

Intrepid explorer journeying to the Elevator, bravely navigating past Office Politics, catching your breath at Cape Watercooler before you venture to the unknown land they call the Pantry.
Step out. Get a life. Get a cycle.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Singapore

May 2013


salil.sharma's picture
2414 pencils

Awesome Campaign ! Very well executed

naghihimutuc's picture
82 pencils

If I die, I hope I can die like this. Because this is just beautifully executed. Beautifully shot. High fives all around.

Meredith Singh's picture
Meredith Singh
399 pencils

Beautifully executed. The thinking is tired; it's just another visual pun. But it is a good one.

Although it doesn't need so much writing.

MindDrift's picture
1162 pencils

The line is disconnected from the visual.

KrissKamel's picture
10 pencils

great art direction!

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