Uranus Outdoor: Car

Advertising Agency: Revolution, Brazil
Chief Creative Office: Emerson Braga
Creative Director: Edson Rosa
Copywriter: Emerson Braga
Art Director: João Sousa
Producers: Clarissa Mattos, Leila Santos
Art Buyer: Jean Silva e Marcos Paulo
Account Directors: Vitor Barros, Carlos Pereira
Account Executive: Renata Mattos

April, 2014


parlinka's picture
92 pencils

like a red Audi? Common...

kleenex's picture
40246 pencils

They have a concept, but I do not think it works.

Eduardo Mergener's picture
Eduardo Mergener
132 pencils

I understand what you meant, but maybe that's not the best way to deliver the idea. It came across as kinda weak and forced.

claudioribas's picture
79 pencils

This one is not like the others. This can be the weaker of the all, overall I like the idea

Marcao's picture
3029 pencils

Not good at all. When you don't advertise, you shouldn't even see ANY part of the product.

baliais's picture
2595 pencils

I know where they are coming from, I kinda like it.

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