University of Colorado: Bus board, 2

Advertising Agency: Vermilion, USA
Creative Director: Paul DesRosiers
Designer: Thaddeus Napp
Copywriter: Paul DesRosiers

November 2010


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Nothing bad, nothing exciting...

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Pretty crappy. And you're relying on the reader to really sit there and study the ad on the side of a bus. "Bradley, age 5 blah blah, age 19 blah" addition to the headline and the URL.

Overall, the ad feels like it was made by soccer moms. Which is strange, because the site seems like it's geared towards enrolling college students, not moms looking to give their little kids a brighter future.

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I hear the criticism "too much to read as a bus passes." But anyone who lives or works in town knows that we see bus ads, typically, while waiting at an intersection or in a line of traffic, and most importantly, over a period of a several days, seeing it every morning. Bus advertising is osmotic, like most advertising, so this is not a fatal problem. The tiny part I miss on Tuesday morning, I will happen to catch Wednesday. Happens all the time.

As far as saying this must be made by soccer moms because it uses children to advertise a college, I think that's wrong. It will resonate with many adults considering returning to school (note: "continuing education & professional studies"). It is intended to make you reflect on the distance between where you expected to be in life, once upon a time, and where you in fact are. That's great insight.

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-Lubeo Buburnubett

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