United Way of Puerto Rico: I Love You, I Hit You

To promote the launch of our website Entreparedes.org, we created awareness using a global form of art commonly used to express love: graffitis. Giant stickers using the phrases “Ana te amo / Ana I love You” and “María te amo / Maria I love You” were strategically placed as interventions in places of high pedestrian traffic. Approaching the graffiti uncovered the reality behind the expressions of affection: the letters were composed of an endlessly repeated phrase: “I hit you”. The other one hid the message “I insult you” in its letters. Below the messages, onlookers could make sense of the disturbing graffiti, from a small sign that read: “Abuse is hidden”.

Advertising Agency: Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Puerto Rico
Executive Creative Director: Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Associate Creative Director: Mariano German-Coley
Senior Copywriters: Pedro José Pérez, Jonathan Díaz
Senior Art Directors: Fernando Suárez, Cristina Burckhart
Art Director: Omar Santiago
Typographer: Omar Santiago, Fernando Suárez
Account Director: Jessica Rivera, Julio Semidey


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Nice concept...

Andrej's picture
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Stupid. And ineffective.

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You can't read, can you? That's okay, illiteracy happens. Some day there will be someone who will hold your hand and sing the words in the ad above in a lullaby, where it details the effectiveness of the ad, the website hits, the audience reach, and numbers of people who asked for help. Maybe you should ask for help with your issues too, without feeling as stupid as you convey yourself.

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looks different.

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I think this is great. I'm a sucker for the message-in-a-message thing, and this has the added ugly surprise to it. Good job.

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I would write the Headlines more interesting, so it would make you curious to read the small print too.
I love you graffitis just look like: I love you graffitis. Who knows that there is something hidden.
Nice concept still.

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It's excellent !

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I like it!

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