United Way: Cardboard Roof

Cardboard does not constitute a decent roof over your head.

A reminder that with all the people losing their homes during the economic downturn, donating to the United Way is more important than ever. These were printed on actual cardboard boxes and hung in bus shelters throughout the city.

Advertising Agency: Jigsaw, Milwaukee, USA
Creative Directors: Nick Pipitone
Art Director: Grant Bernstein
Copywriter: Nick Pipitone

September 2009


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how to ruin a good idea? put a cardboard under a decent roof :)

imagine a bus station made entirely from a cardboard ;) good luck!

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Actually Harry, we looked into that. But the bus service has to ensure the safety of it's riders—including the ones in the bus shelters. So you can't completely obscure a bus shelter. Otherwise, the risk of crime occuring in a bus shelter greatly increases. Bad publicity for the client if someone got mugged because our ad made it possible to for someone to commit a crime unseen.

We found this alternative made the point just, as well.

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Not to mention one rain storm and the whole thing goes to pot.

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I dig the idea. Nice work.

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Likeed it


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Legitimate media channel, nice idea.

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