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At least we KNOW this is student work... good thought here, simple, and nicely executed (in photoshop).


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Maybe a bit bigger... I think this would be lost if near a road with a lot of fast moving vehicular traffic.

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nice thinking guys

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You can cut ivy with trimmers?

MADMEN's picture
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How do you cut ivy with trimmers?

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Nice work, a book full of this stuff will get you a great job.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
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Doesn't matter who did this, it's still a weak ad, sorry. All these guys praising are just happy that you won't threaten their jobs.

It's an interesting thought, but it's not being conveyed that well here. An idea like this could benefit from being scaled up. Make it stand out and really push the "cordless" part of the brief.

Keep going though. You don't learn from your good ideas. The bad ones will teach you loads.

Doin' it for the points

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I agree with Disco Munky. Consider this as sketch for the final.

Guest's picture

Thanks for all the positive feedback and for those that think it's crap that's OK, too. ;)

I'm not going to change anything even though I usually always take advice from donkeys in mexican wrestling masks.
However, Disco Munky's right about one thing, I'm not a threat to take anyone's job.
I'm happy to say I have a job working for a very good agency with some very talented and humble people.
(I won't mention where but if you want to stalk me bad enough you can probably figure it out).

Again, I don't mind the harsh words. I knew once I submitted something to AOTW my head was on the chopping block.

My advice is for those students who are where I was 6 months ago, getting close to graduate and shaping up your book.
As you see, some people will love your ideas, and some people won't. But just like the Capital magazine ads posted a couple of days ago say, "Before you begin listening ask yourself who's talking." I don't know who disco munky is. He can be the most talented Art Director in the world. Or he can work in accounting.

If I made changes to every piece in my book from everyone who says something I would be working on the same projects for the rest of my life.
I regrettably made the mistake of attending I HAVE AN IDEAS portfolio night. I met with 3 creatives, all of which had something very different to say about my book. The campaign which the first CD loved the most was the same campaign the second one hated. It's all subjective. Seek out those 2 or 3 teachers or mentors that you admire and trust the most and ask for their help, and in the end its your book, you make the final call.

You have to exhibit your voice. Some ad agency already has a disco munky, they don't need two. And another agency already has Guest, they need another one.
So stay true to yourself and your work and listen to those select few you admire, and always listen to your gut.

I know I'm young and inexperienced to be giving advice but it's advice that helped me when I was getting ready to graduate.

Lastly, I'd be a pretty cocky fool to think my work can't use improvement, I'm just saying I'd rather dedicate my time on work I can bill my time for. :)


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well said David.

It's easy to criticize and much harder to produce and even harder to think of an idea and yours is a good idea. Some of the people here are always criticizing and I'm sure they are just bitter people in bad agencies blaming their clients or their bosses for their bad work and venting on every single ad that gets selected on this site. I see it as envy.

only advice i have, because its outdoor i would make it larger, that's it. good luck on your new job and always trust your gut. that's your creative compass.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3900 pencils

"...even though I usually always take advice from donkeys in mexican wrestling mask"? really? I'm glad my comments stuck with you. I didn't expect you to listen, you're young. It's good to keep the fire burning strong when you're starting out, but don't let that turn into a flaming ego.

"Lastly, I'd be a pretty cocky fool to think my work can't use improvement, I'm just saying I'd rather dedicate my time on work I can bill my time for. :)", now I know this makes you feel grown up and part of the "gang", but if you don't dedicate your time to the work you love then don't show up for the other stuff. Seriously. It's the love that feeds the fire. Work you can "bill my time for." might as well be flipping burgers, and anyone can do that.

And just because I had to add it. Go fuck yourself kid. If this is the best you got, hold onto that "job" of yours because you'll need proper talent and less of the mouth to make it past "office fuck-up". Someone should have really given you a heads-up. Don't talk to me unless you want to hear noise and swearing. It's that simple.

If you want to stalk me to find out who I am, be my guest. Here's a hint, fuck you.

Doin' it for the points

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Well, at first I believed Munky had some perspective, but he's pretty well destroyed any credibility he once had with this comment.

First, I can understand why he replied to your critical yet not incredibly constructive comment in such a way. You came off like a d*ouche and it's nice to see somebody offering such advice. Students, work on learning how to be constructive and how to shake off criticism like Disco Munky's.

Second, your reply to his is just belligerent. I can't tell if you're trying to pull off some lame, disgruntled "ad man of ol'" character, but you really come off as some basement-dwelling teenager who latches on to any chance he can to mouth off.

Nice ad though. Could use some tweaking, but the IDEA is there. Idea's rule in this business. Those who don't have them, join the Mexican Wrestling League.

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Cool. Best thing I've seen in the last 40 or so ads.

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hi david..rather appreciate your critics whether good or bad..at leas it add up to something. you Aare kinda heated up. good and bold execution indeed. keep discovering.

Grace's picture

Good on you David.

I'm a student myself... albeit have a few years to go! Well done and good luck!

Great idea although I agree with with a few earlier posts re: size of banner.

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waaaaaaaaaaaaw it's realy intelegent.

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