November 2011

Outdoor advertisment created by Ogilvy, India for Titan Eye Plus, within the category: Professional Services.

People with bad eyesight, wear glasses.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India
National Creative Directors: Piyush Pandey, Rajiv Rao, Abhijit Avasthi
Executive Creative Director: Joono Simon
Copywriter: Piyush Pandey
Art Director: Vinci Raj
Illustrator: Senthil Saravan kumar
Photographer: Kumaran
Additional credits: Joshi, Anil Kumar, Sneha Nidhin, Jasper Daniel, Ayelin Rodrigues, Maniny, Adhithya

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creativegodown's picture
Activity Score 252

UTTER CRAP. all the positive comments posted are from the creators of this crap. shame on you guys.

Ved's picture
Activity Score 2

Stunning art direction. Very fresh. A medium never used before in Indian advertising.

creativegodown's picture
Activity Score 252

UTTER CRAP. all the positive comments posted are from the creators of this crap. shame on you guys.

gollum77's picture
Activity Score 23

Whosoever you are, if you cant appreciate art atleast respect it. Your comment is baseless. Am in no way attached to the creators and this is really brilliant stuff. Can you qualify your claims on why this is crap? Got the balls do it?

makelogobigger's picture
Activity Score 470

Killer art! very nice way of using the superstition thing/"ward off evil" eye thing which is seen on indian trucks and that too on a daily basis.

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Activity Score 216

I like the art. But if people are already a danger to the road because they can't "see" how is putting an ad, behind a car, on the road, make it any safer?

blackeyeboys's picture
Activity Score 13

easy simple great idea :)

pranavkarnad's picture
Activity Score 2

Beautiful art and such a simple, fresh concept! Great work!

yesprabhakar's picture
Activity Score 72

The concept is misleading. ‘Buri Nazar' doesn't mean bad eye sight. It means 'Evil Sight'.
The campaign is a desperate creative.Another example of 'Patli Gali ' Advertising !

makelogobigger's picture
Activity Score 470

How is it misleading. its a pun on the word you dumass.

gollum77's picture
Activity Score 23

Prabhakar a funny take on the usual is all about eye catchy advertising. Thats coming from a common man like me...

Ofcourse the creators would know the meaning of the original expression. The idea is to tilt the same and create humor yet make you think....

In my opinion this is really good, fresh and unique...

shiehmichelle's picture
Activity Score 7

awesome! to the point direct and yet different.

shiehmichelle's picture
Activity Score 7

awesome! to the point direct and yet different.

Akshaya Singh's picture
Akshaya Singh
Activity Score 162

Yes I wear spectacles and I understand that 'Buri Nazar Waale' is actually for people with Evil eye and bad eye sight is a different thing altogether but still.... this one brought a smile on my face. Dunno if it will make me go for Titan Eye Plus but it would certainly make me appreciate them for being a good client to acccept such ideas.. Lovely illustration and of course the copy had to be spot-on with Piyush Pandey as the copywriter... Nice work O&M Bangalore!

Amateur for life!

mercuriesan's picture
Activity Score 9

Awesome art and nice choose of medium for an titan eye+

Khodays's picture
Activity Score 20

Firstly brilliant art direction. Secondly hahahaha I've once driven on the highway without my powered glasses and yeah I definitely don't recommend it. Very effective way of putting it across as anyone who has driven in India will not forget this art behind every truck saying 'people with bad intentions (eyesight) will have their face blackened' :-). Nice twist by saying 'people with bad eyesight need glasses'. Again great art.

darkangel's picture
Activity Score 2

lovely art... and the ad is just bang on. a winner

headoffice Communication's picture
headoffice Comm...
Activity Score 196

Good Campaign for high reach, Thanks to ONM, Bangalore.

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observant vicky
Activity Score 194

the truck number plate shows it belongs to Karnatka, an Indian state where most people don't know how to read hindi, so how can this ad be effective in Karnatka?

simonds08's picture
Activity Score 598

i guess i just don't get why people who worked on this account comment on it. isn't the purpose of posting here to get objective feedback?

Dieyoung's picture
Activity Score 6

Great work. Makes you smile, laugh rather. I guess it's national campaign so Hindi is the obvious choice of language. Yes, there will be jealous insecure lunatics talking about research.Its cool. Smart critiques. Stupid Creates.

rishidevrk's picture
Activity Score 2

Fantastic concept & execution!

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 48065

The artwork is great.

Chris81's picture
Activity Score 3

Fantastic art and great usage of cultural identity.

five's picture
Activity Score 2

the illustration represents bhuri nazar across languages.... n being a cost effective medium is the best part !! n being it interesting enough to read carefully is the icing on the cake ... as a person who needs glasses to read, i keep testing my self every possible thing i see ( like number plates and car stickers
)...think its bang there as well !!

SG's picture
Activity Score 2

nice art. but i doubt the results. not a single specs would have sold on this, or any enquiry wud have come

kalpesh78's picture
Activity Score 2578

The art is done to death. I like the thought though.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

createwitty's picture
Activity Score 204

well i like d concept..its fresh..innovative...but am really not sure if it is an effective communication for people to go to Titan eye stores...wat i am confused abt is...if someone is able to read dat font i m sure as hell he cant miss anything on the road too...

gollum77's picture
Activity Score 23

The idea is quite unique and neatly rendered. Am sure this is a place that anybody would look irrespective of class of creed because of its lucrative color schemes. the message gets delivered in tandem as the attention is rapt with the art.

All in all this is a wonderful campaign and am sure this will break the monotony of outdoor ads :)

Kudos to the team which did such a fantabuluos job.... Keep at it folks!!!

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Activity Score 2

Excellent idea and wonderfullly executed. Kudos to the team !!

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dinesh dixit
Activity Score 31