Titan Eye Plus: Cab

People with bad eyesight, wear glasses.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India
National Creative Directors: Piyush Pandey, Rajiv Rao, Abhijit Avasthi
Executive Creative Director: Joono Simon
Copywriter: Piyush Pandey
Art Director: Vinci Raj
Illustrator: Senthil Saravan kumar
Photographer: Kumaran
Additional credits: Joshi, Anil Kumar, Sneha Nidhin, Jasper Daniel, Ayelin Rodrigues, Maniny, Adhithya

November 2011


kak009's picture
21 pencils

Superb Art buddy.

yesprabhakar's picture
72 pencils

The concept is misleading. ‘Buri Nazar' doesn't mean bad eye sight. It means 'Evil Sight'.
The campaign is a desperate creative.

Akshaya Singh's picture
Akshaya Singh
162 pencils

Trucks and Autos were fine but this one spoils the idea a bit for me : / ... This form of art is not graffiti .. it's what you see behind trucks ... not behind cars...

Amateur for life!

ahit60's picture
26 pencils

agree! good point, Akshaya. never seen anything similar behind private cars & taxis; kinda force-fitting the idea...

observant vicky's picture
observant vicky
194 pencils

Buri nazar doesn't mean bad eye sight, it means when you see a person and think bad about him.
after looking this ad I can say only one thing- The Boss is Not always Right!!!

vlads's picture
539 pencils

Great Art direction but concept is misleading.

createwitty's picture
204 pencils

who will take d pains to dig his eye down below d name plate to figure out wat is written....even if someone does hes sure to bang someone..

gollum77's picture
23 pencils

Quite unique!!! Innovative

All in all this is a wonderful campaign and am sure this will break the monotony of outdoor ads :)

Kudos to the team which did such a fantabuluos job.... Keep at it folks!!!

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