Tide: Matrix

Absolute Protection

When it comes to laundry, whiteness is a benchmark of cleanness for housewives. Every woman knows how difficult it is to protect white clothes from anchoring dirt. It is a nightmare! In the “Matrix of Dirt”, dirt attacks your garment and anchors itself on to it, making it difficult for housewives and other detergents they use to remove such dirt. Any woman in such a place, would be very happy if she could just get away by waving a magic wand and having all her laundry crisp white again. But sadly, she doesn’t have such a wand and hence needs a very special tool of defense. Tide Absolute is the Neo of this dirt Matrix, providing ultimate invisible protection to your clothes. It has a shield like protection formula, which makes it difficult for dirt to stick on clothes, thereby providing perfect whiteness when washed. Creative like a movie poster was put it in cinemas next to other real movie posters.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Creative Director: Dariusz Wojciechowski
Art Director: Olga Kholodova
Copywriter: Antonina Vlassova
Photographer: Karol Skawiński
Additional credits: Lukasz Roszczyc – CSD, Evgeniya Yarunina - AM

September 2009


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Awesome !

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ABSOLUT ? Is the client THAT desperate?

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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No hay idea original en este aviso.
Not original. Sorry.

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just write
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I m not liking this.. too old idea..

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I like it. clear idea

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Huh? Housewife? Was this ad made in the 50's?

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