The Advertising & Design Club of Canada: The Working Dead

Advertising Agency: Taxi 2, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Creative Director: Dave Watson
Art Directors: Craig Ferguson, Stephen Tasker
Copywriter: Tal Wagman
Illustrator: Paul Rivoche
Mac Artist: Dave Kinsella
Designer: Stephen Tasker
Print Producer: Tara Greguric
Account Manager: Tae Kohara

March 2012


chuckieT's picture
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When I work late, I don't sit in the dark so I would never know this thing glowed in the dark. And is it a two-sided poster? If I hung it up one way, would I miss that the other side glows in the dark?

VampAd's picture
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Are u a fu*king client?

chunkylover69's picture
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i agree with chuckieT.

glow in the dark posters are nothing new - if it were outdoors. This is going to agencies that will never see what it looks like with all the lights off.

also, why use The Walking Dead? seems a bit old to rip that off. You might as well have used Sex in the City if we're ripping off old shows.

thedesignaddict's picture
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Nice idea.

chuckieT's picture
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No. I'm not a client.

Do you like concepts that don't work outside of the award submission pdf?


arthor's picture
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It's cool. I find the connection to the walking dead a little forced and unnecessary though.

kleenex's picture
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not bad at all.

somecopywriter's picture
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It's awesome, I want one. Don't know if I'd ever work in the dark, but great idea never the less.

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