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Those Australians are really good at promoting TV shows...

Another one I like

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ripe off!

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Already done a couple of times....

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love this.

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Done so many times it hurts my eyes.


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hehe... funny!

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Done like dinner.

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done before... check out wonderbra saatchi germany

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done before

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It's about fat people right?
Please tell me it's about virgin fat people?

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This whole "done, done, done" thing is getting out of hand..

THIS hasn't been done before. There are similarities in all advertisements. Thats like saying no one should put their fonts in small text because its been done before.. Or saying an advertisers shouldn't have girls run around in their underwear - Its been done before. Yes, its similar to other ads - But NO it hasn't been done before.

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I completely agree with the above statement. It's also tiring to see the same comments over and over without any constructive feedback in it. Why put yet another comment that says, "done" when there are four or however many of the same comments before. I think that this is a witty approach to the medium and I am sure it's say something completely different than the message wonderbra was trying to convey.

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Umm yes it has been done before, see the link joelapompe posted below.
Some aspects of advertising rely on being original ideas - and yes there is nearly no such thing anymore. But purists agree that a good original ad, kicks an copied ads ass.
Not saying this one is copied, but the 'idea' of paper rolling into a tummy has been done before, a few times.

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