Nicolas Sarkozy

I'm sorry. We could have stopped catastrophic climate change... We didn't.
Copenhagen 2009. Act now - Change the future.

Outdoors in Copenhagen Aiport greet leaders, politicians and journalists after they have landed.

Advertising Agency: Arc Communications, UK
Concept/Idea, Creative Direction, Design: Toby Cotton
Photo Research: Karen Guy
Copy Edit/Tweaks: Greenpeace international Communications
Production Management and Media booking: Christina Koll
Airport photos: ©Christian Aslund/Greenpeace


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10 of the same ad. Couldn't we have just stuck with one? Or better yet, zero?

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Don't agree. Good to see all the leaders, not just one. Copies could refer to leaders' speeches. But anyway, it's a good campaign, timing is perfect, media is well planned, the whole action is visible and clear. I've seen it on the TV news today. Good job.

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I agree. Part of the idea is that they have to act all together.

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J Designer
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A diffrent copy for each one would have made the ad's seam more fresh.

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The Lion
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The aging technique is good.

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this is not only about the visual, it's about a Critic to these leaders who apparently maybe will not attend the Climate Change Deal on Copenhagen on December 15th, i think it's a nice campaign.. tcktcktcktck, and have powerful message about the tcktcktcktck movement it self..


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i'm sorry too


Notorious's picture
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you have to be old to participate

outsmart me, if you can

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nice idea.

bobby666's picture
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simple idea. powerful communication.

pulchinela's picture
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leaders will see it.

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now thats the spirit! pure optimism ;)

but seriously. i doubt it is clever to show the guys just older. it has a touch of 'ok, we didn't do it - but we managed to get along anyway.'
wearing a suit and all

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I unfortunately feel that the creativity of this series falls completely flat in the face of the relevant media choice as well as the sheer gravity of the event at hand. So I guess I'm sorry too. Really sorry.

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Nice. Hey, 2020? I don't think we're even here anymore to make that sorry at that time.

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Reality Check
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Yet the campaign, against my wishes, left me unmoved.

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This campaign is in every newspaper ant tv channel. I think is brilliant and direct to the point.

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It is also currently on the front page of Yahoo! Meanwhile, Adsoftheworld will remain split on "ground breaking concept" and "simple, yet effective."

Pedestrian's picture
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I don't see what's so brilliant about it. Take political figures, make them look old, and give us the same quote from 2020 over and over again? At best it's average...and in reality, there's no idea.

mattlittlegym's picture
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I agree. Average at best. Didn't get that they were older at first. Didn't need several of these. And the message is bogus. Money making movement.

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good call for action... "before its too late" approach... not a new idea though but good

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spot on. well done guys!

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willy wonka
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very nice, good work!!

pencilreturns's picture
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Looks like is trying to convince the political leaders..who don't give a damn about 2020..Sure, they will say sorry in some interview..does not make any fresh argument...relies on common people's hatred against political leaders

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Sarko would never say he is sorry, this is pure science fiction

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