Target: Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular

Check out the video as well:

Named the Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular, the event reinvented the fashion show by using all 18 stories of the hotel’s windows to showcase the brand and it’s fall fashion while providing a 20-minute light, sound and dance spectacle for the thousands of spectators on the streets below.

Advertising Agency: Mother, New York, USA


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Although ridiculously impossible to see and appreciate the actual fashion on display, this kaleidoscopic event restores my faith in advertising's ability to engage and enchant with endless invention and eye-popping style.

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There was no fashion whatsoever. You can't even see it in the video, let alone in person. There have been a lot more engaging, eye popping inventions done before. I am talking about various projection mapping installations. Nevertheless, the campaign results are impressive (maybe a little exaggerated?)

ps: Since when is Target known for fashion?

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Lot of hard-work...

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Innovative in this tough category. Great job.

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