Swietokrzyskie Region of Poland Public Safety, Health & Hygiene: Love Your Life

Family is a unity.
Cancer changes everything.

Swietokrzyskie Region of Poland according to statistics from the beginning of 2011 was found at the end when it comes to the number of tests to detect breast and cervical cancer cancer. As Part of various actions agency created unique posters made in 3d flip technology. Two images on one medium. First image, happy family. Second image, sad family without mother. Passing by You see pictures changes.

Advertising Agency: Naberus, Poland


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Cold...in a bad way.

Think. Then think again.

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Tomasz Dziedzic
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The effect looks much more curiously in practice. See more photos from campaign if You like: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Kochaj-ycie/1904555

Thanks for Your opinion ;)

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Yes, It is raw. Target group was women from small town and villages in age more than 40 at least, so communication had to be specific. Also full translation: Family is a unity (In Poland 16 000 women is suffering from cancer annually, half of them die) / Cancer changes everything (early detected breast or cervical cancer is curable in 100%. Examine yourself for You and your family)

There is a reason why the statistic are so frightening, People mentality is hard as a rock, so You have to consider what kind of message will lead them to the point we want.

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Roger Keynes
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Yes, the thinking and execution is rudimentary here...
But how many of you guys have produced work for Government departments?
Work rarely gets through unscathed.
Stick at it Naberus. :)

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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ufff blunt n i dnt like it


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Not great.

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no good. sorry

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"early detected breast or cervical cancer is curable in 100%"

That just doesn't seem medically accurate... I mean, you'd have to be talking about VERY early for the most aggressive cancers, and self breast examination does not identify cancer until it has progressed to a noticable size. If this were a medical claim for a drug it would never get past legal.

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