Swedish Railways: Energy

The journey has just begun.

Advertising Agency: King, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Frank Hollingworth
Copywriter: Niclas Carlsson
Art Director: Josephine Wallin
Photographer: Petrus Olsson / Adamsky
Account Manager: Lena Ivarsson
Account Director: Linda Söderqvist
Final Art: Traffic


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While I like it in concept (even though it's a bit tired), there's not enough linking the three photos to even suggest that they're ads from the same company. Had the copy been allowed to spill over all three to tie them together, the impact might have been more immediate.


No, I am not a media buyer.

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I agree with you, too. If there were a greater tie among these three, then it would be a stronger execution.

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agree with you sean martin. at first, i though it was a print. when i realized that it wasn't, i thought if it would work. maybe the other two executions do.

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