Survivors UK: Real Men Get Raped

Real Men Get Raped and Talking About It Takes Real Strength

SurvivorsUK is the London based specialist male sexual violence support charity, offering counselling and emotional support to male victims of sexual crime and those who care for them.

Advertising Agency: Johnny Fearless, UK
Copywriting: Paul Domenet
Art Direction: Brian Connolly
Photography: David Rowland
Retouching: Smoke & Mirrors
Design Production: Smoke & Mirrors
Design Media Partners: JCDecaux


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And this idea is supposed to go with RUGBY?!?!?!?!

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Akshaya Singh
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Oh C'mon!! ... I can get the 'and talking about it takes real strength' but the headline .. and that too in THAT font !! .. For me it's mocking the cause and not actually helping it in any way ... It's a very sensitive issue that needed to be handled with care .. not this ...

Amateur for life!

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I'm a bit confused all-round on this one.

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well i m not sure if ti works or caught my attention though

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How are traumatized, hurt men going to relate to a nail stuck in a rugby ball?

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"Real men?" Is this assertion supposed to be an empowering declaration of, "Just because you've experienced this, it doesn't make you less of a man?" To me, it comes across as, "You're only truly a guy if this has happened to you," which is obviously not the intended message. The copy casts an odd and negative tone.

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My thoughts exactly. The message is very mixed and confusing.

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This is the sort of crass idea one might come up with in an early brain-storming session and it would be left on the drawing table. Never to be spoken of again.

And this went to print.

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Yeah sounds like it's selling rape. Reminds me of Austin Powers when he's talking about putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable, I can figure how it sounded in their heads, but no one would read it like that first time.

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