Stockholms Stadsmission: Break an old Christmas Tradition, Bridge

Break an old Christmas Tradition, Text the word HOME to 72900 and donate 50 SEK to our work for the homeless.

Advertising Agency: Garbergs Reklambyrå, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Petter Ödeen
Art Director: Mattias Dahlqvist
Copywriter: Hampus Mattsson
Photographer: Bohman + Sjöstrand
Graphic design: Jacob Frisk, Roger Ranft Blomqvist
Digital Director: Magnus Hällstén
Production manager: Birgitta Samuelsson
Project leader: Pernilla Berg
Published: November 2010


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im not sure if im getting this. i think the old christmas tradition is making gifts right? so instead of making someone a gift you should donate to the organization. okay makes sense. but there is no gift in the picture. its a cakebridge! so you should breake the cake? WHY? so that the homeless has not even left a bridge?! whats the old christmas tradition?!

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I think the Christmas tradition in question would be exchanging gifts with other people that in this case would not be homeless.

They are using gingerbread just because it is Christmas time.

The three ads are all great in saying to not buy or exchange a gift this Christmas, but donate to the homeless shelter.

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All the ad says is that certain unfortunate people do not have (gingerbread) houses. They live under the bridge, on a bench, etc. Great idea and visuals.

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Tero Ylitalo
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Excellent insight! It's common, at least in the Nordic countries, to build gingerbread houses. Therefore a gingerbread_under_the_bridge etc. make perfect sense.

Great work my love/hate western neighbours! ;)

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New Nice and Fun
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Thanks Tero for the explanation!

This is a great and well executed idea

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