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Whats going on with player? :)

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It's a lot closer to saying 'very sticky'.

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doubt this usp will start a run for the product, but ok. it's water and it's sport.

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Where is the idea?

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GRIPPING advertising. We all want it.

But grip isn't the design feature that should have been communicated here.

The new packaging tries to create more water moments - like sports - besides the regular association with restaurants, gas stations, home use, etc.

However, if a turtle buys a lighter shell it doesn't make it faster. If a bottle has a better grip it doesn't solve my need for refreshment. It makes me a fashion victim. Are you taking my hobbies seriously?

Water is an essential element of the body, underneath the SPA-logo it says by its own words "The Purifying Water". With all the discussion going on about clean sports it would have been a assignment I would have run with. A MISSED opportunity.

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I don't think the bottle is designed to create more water moments (not in the first place), but to make some of the already existing water moments more comfortable. I think of people going to the fitness, running, cycling... The brief was clearly to communicate this new design feature and the creatives generalised it to a wider range of sports with the idea of the gloves. Nice and simple!

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I thought in your direction as well before I posted.

But read the headline again it's introducing a sports bottle. As if it is an extension to their regular bottle line. That's why I said it is trying to penetrate the amateur/hobby sports market as water traditionally doesn't have a serious value proposition on this level.

However, people are more interested in direct enhancement of their endurance or ability, they are ambitious without being able to invest that many hours in training. Hence their preferred choice in energy drinks like Red Bull or other liquids that hold additional benefits on top of the refreshment element.

That's why I say don't sell the comfort before the content. That's for luxury brands that play in a market with hard to acquire alternatives. The sport drink market is dense and competitive. Not to mention very innovative.

Water cannot improve on itself. Otherwise it loses its purity. Knowledge and education is the only way to protect your share. Comfort can quickly become common – how long can a new bottle be new after you have bought it 3 times?


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