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Nice new bottle :)

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Aaaaaah... Belgium and baseball, what a nice insight!

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pay off should be: refreshment for after the game.

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GRIPPING advertising. We all want it.

But grip isn't the design feature that should have been communicated here.

The new packaging tries to create more water moments - like sports - besides the regular association with restaurants, gas stations, home use, etc.

However, if a turtle buys a lighter shell it doesn't make it faster. If a bottle has a better grip it doesn't solve my need for refreshment. It makes me a fashion victim. Are you taking my hobbies seriously?

Water is an essential element of the body, underneath the SPA-logo it says by its own words "The Purifying Water". With all the discussion going on about clean sports it would have been a assignment I would have run with. A MISSED opportunity.

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thats true... nice.. so simple but trough

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