Shell Mastercard: Mild

Born to be mild
Life on the road
Sponsored by Shell MasterCard

Advertising Agency: TBWA\OSLO, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Erik Heisholt
Art Director: Eva Grefstad Knudsen
Copywriter: Henrik Bydal, Cecilie Falch
Photographer: Andreas Kleiberg
Web producer: Benjamin Aker
Graphic Design: Cecilie Authén, Tom Lenartowicz
Account Manager: Anja Nordbø
Production company: Seefood
Published: November 2010


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I'm not going to lie, before I watched the video I was really confused about the campaign. I think the idea is pretty entertaining, but there are some things that I miss. The print work is attention grabbing, the flexible and 70's reminiscent typogttraphy is nice, but the message is confused. I thought I was looking at a Shell campaign for safe driving on the road. Only until I saw the video did I know that this was a Segway campaign.

There just seems to be a very easy-to-fix break between the print and video that would be beneficial to bridge in order to let the viewer know that it's a Segway campaign.

... just a thought from a student from the University of Washington! Thanks!

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I really really dont like this campaign..

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Plus, Born to be Mild was a Vespa tagline too.

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