Hamburg Airport Teaser

September 2008

Teaser-Campaign for the new airport connection of the Suburban-Train in Hamburg on a 50x2 meters lightwall directly next to the baggage belt.

From december your direct connection to the city.

Advertising Agency: Simon+Matthias, Düsseldorf, Germany
Art Director: Simon
Copywriter: Matthias

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Neither is wrong. "From December..." is probably more common though.

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Activity Score 21

Very direct. Shouldn't win. But nice.

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Activity Score 779

u can directly get the idea which is nice...

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Activity Score 7306

It's not just nice, it's almost a prerequisite... ;)

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The idea and project is cool. Think you get your luggage and see this... Taxi drivers should hate it;-) However, I'm waiting to see it executed in real life. I assume it's only a preview. Pls include documentary pictures.

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Activity Score 1720

i like it, can't miss it if it is executed like this

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Hmm, the English translation misses the mark, but I can guess what they're trying to say. "Starting in December - Your direct connection to the city." Is that it?

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Neither is wrong. "From December..." is probably more common though.

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LOL, quite a good ad. But 1 problem... people would be crowding everywhere so the ad won't be so effective since it's better to see it from a distance...

and the roof of the simulated terminal... Boeing 777 interior lol