August 2012

Being totally different and positioning itself as an alternative, Satta Outside has grown to be one of the biggest music festivals in Lithuania. Actually, it's one of the premier beats music festivals in-the-world! It's becoming too big to be a cool alternative. We need to get back to it's original roots - irreverent humour and great atmosphere which is not for everyone. Therefore this year we decided to talk people out of going to Satta Outside. The campaign "Do Not Go To Satta" contains posters, print ads, web flyers, virals, radio spots all pleading to not go to the festival in unison. Of course, the reasons are probably the ones, who can make you go there even more, if you are the real Satta fan.

Don't Go To Satta.
You may get sand in your shoes.

Advertising Agency: New!, Vilnius, Lithuania
Creative Director: Mantas Maciulskis
Art Director: Valdas Volbekas
Copywriter: Zygimantas Kudirka
Illustrator: Mads Berg

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Activity Score 2


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Jaap Grolleman
Activity Score 6992

Stunning visuals - yet I have no idea what Satta is. Could be a local thing.

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Activity Score 2567

love the style in these ads

groovy baby!

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Richa Agrawal
Activity Score 324

very nice visuals. but what's the idea? what's this all about?

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Activity Score 4899

I'm sure I've seen a worse ad than this at some point in my life. Pretty sure, anyway.

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Activity Score 45440

Love the visuals.

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Activity Score 377

really love the illustration style...
i didnt get the ad at all...

my ratings r completely for the illustration

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Activity Score 2