Salvation Army: Blanket

With your donation a sense of dignity is within reach.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Canada
Creative Director: Carl Jones
Art Directors: Rick Mayzis, Dylan Moggey
Copywriter: Chris Tropak

December 2010


morse's picture
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Very good, but I wonder how long that towel will stay there. Of course this is Canada we're talking about...

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Roger Keynes
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But that works doesn't it, Morse?

Who ever needs it, takes it. Extra star!

And that's a blanket, mate. Only us Aussies sleep on towels :)

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

riyelam's picture
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Where are you living? In paradise? Did people steals only in need?

New Nice and Fun's picture
New Nice and Fun
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Well at least, a lot of people are talking about this campaign ... That's maybe what the Salvation Army wanted

thedesignaddict's picture
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Terrible photography.

So, the guy looks like he's been living in a dumpster, but he's clean shaven? Hello, AD?

That blanket wouldn't last a day.

My list of grievances goes on and on...

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