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What does the billboard actually *say*? It's one thing to use recycled materials (well done, very good, pat on the back) but if that's all it's about, it's a bit of a one-legged campaign--not something that would make me send my kids to your school for.

From a distance it also looks like it has some readability issues from those different textures in the letters. But it would really help if we knew what we were reading, please.

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Hi CuriousPencil,

translation :
big letters : education inside and outside school
smaller letters : to begin with this outdoor made by recycled material.

(i'm not brazilian, so if someone sees some errors, please correct me!)

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Thanks kuki; then for me the issue now is whether recycling can be equated so directly, so simply, to citizenship, and if that connection can be effectively used to attract parents' attention to enlist their children in this school.

"Send your kids here and we'll teach them to recycle" is a fine message: but is it a little one-dimensional? Will parents not demand something with a little more substance? Respect for others, for instance. Sure it's more difficult to visualise, but it's something to go to school for, not a logo-lesson that's printed on the back of every drinks can and paper carton your kids already see and ignore.

I admire the idea, and probably the brief, but I'm afraid the result leaves me cynical.

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interesting... congrats

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