SA Lotteries, X Lotto Megadraw: Embroidery

$30 million megadraw
Saturday July 16
How would you retire early?

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Adelaide, Australia
Creative Directors: Greg Knagge, Geoff Robertson
Creatives: Andrew Slattery, Brenton Canty, Ollie Prenton, Jordan Hillier
Account Director: Bryce Coombe
Account Coordinator: Sophie Lindsay
Retouching: Paul Munzberg
Print Producers: Nicole Eleftheriou, Kirsty Allison
Finished Artist: Jeannette Meulders


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3939 pencils

Whats the big idea?


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When you win the lottery, you'll have time for hobbies, like embroidery.

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Nike Diesel
13385 pencils

Old idea gone bad.

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Ron Burgundy
1634 pencils

feel like this shoulda been something the old lady was working on if you were going to sell it this way

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dean viii
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This one doesn't work like the others. sorry.

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I'm not buying that this was done by hand as much as, say a crochet treatment would of. And it should of been in the ad with the woman, so there was some continuity.

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Roger Keynes
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